Conference Course Tracks

Select a course from any track to ensure that your Beautiversity experience gives you optimal value!


Intentional career development can be tough but is critical to your future and your professional value proposition. We have resources to help align your motivation, goals and personal brand to ensure that you get the recognition and career mobility you deserve. These sessions direct you to the skills and strategies that define top-quality leaders.

What you will gain from this track: 

  • Enhancing Your Career and Professional Development
  • Narrowing your niche: Selecting a Profitable business niche
  • Managing Multiple Projects and Priorities
  • Develop your individual leadership style and enhance your personal power.


Our tastemakers continue to evolve and redefine themselves as it relates to Beauty, Fashion, Faith, Fitness, and Finance. Our intention is to leave our audience well informed on important resources; Discover the tips and tricks that make it easier to produce and achieve every single day. 

What you will gain from this track: 

  • Keep pace without burning out: coping strategies for high-pressure lifestyles.
  • Use power tips to get organized and stay that way — even through crisis, chaos, and overload!


We believe that beauty is more than merely what the eye can see. At the conference, we will have discussions with the world's leading brand owners, influencers and celebrities about the impact of the beauty market, tips on making a mark in the industry and more!

What you will gain from this track: 

  • An innovator's guide to brand personalization
  • Influencer marketing tactics: Working with brands and creating content
  • The transition from idea to product/brand development

Speakers TBA

We are excited to announce our 2020 Beautiversity professors!